Latihan Soal Tes Seleksi PPPK Guru Bahasa Inggris SMP SMA SMK


Latihan Soal Tes Seleksi PPPK Guru Bahasa Inggris SMP SMA SMK

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Soal PPPK Bahasa Inggris

Saat Anda memutuskan untuk mengikuti Seleksi Pegawai Pemerintahan dengan Perjanjian Kerja (PPPK) setelah mengabdi selama beberapa waktu tentu Anda perlu merencanakan dan mempersiapkan diri agar lolos. Salah satunya dengan cara memperbanyak latihan soal agar Anda mendapatkan gambaran seperti apa soal-soal yang akan Anda hadapi nantinya. Nah, pada artikel ini Anda akan menemukan sebanyak 100 latihan soal tes seleksi PPPK Guru Bahasa Inggris SMP SMA SMK. Memperbanyak latihan soal akan membuat Anda lebih peka dan terarah tentang materi apa saja yang memang sebaiknya Anda persiapkan dan pelajari.

Soal PPPK Bahasa Inggris

Selain melengkapi berkas administrasi sesuai dengan syarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku, pastikan Anda juga mempersiapkan diri karena Anda bersaing dengan mereka para Guru yang juga rajin dan berkompetensi tinggi. Pastikan Anda tidak hanya menguasai bidang ilmu Anda hanya secara akademik saja karena Guru yang baik juga harus memiliki kompetensi secara sosial dalam mempersiapkan segala bentuk lingkungan belajar mengajar yang baik. Juga Anda tidak boleh lupa jika sebagai Guru Anda akan terlibat dalam organisasi sekolah.

Nah, jika berkas Anda sudah siap saatnya Anda banyak berlatih. Ingat bahwa usaha tidak akan pernah mengkhianati hasil dan Anda pasti bisa mendapatkan hasil terbaik dengan berdoa dan berusaha sebaik mungkin. Oke tidak perlu lama lagi! Simak 100 latihan soal tes seleksi PPPK Guru Bahasa Inggris SMP SMA SMK di bawah ini! Diskusikan dengan teman juga bisa membantumu untuk lebih cepat belajar dan menyerap materi. Selamat berlatih!

Latihan Soal Tes Seleksi PPPK Guru Bahasa Inggris SMP SMA SMK

Materi Kompetensi Profesional: Reading And Vocabulary

1. No theory or technique works with all children all the time in all situations. But some theories and techniques work better than others.We should use these theories for what they can do for us. What about the students … our theories do not work?
a. for what
b. by who
c. upon whom
d. from which
e. by whose

2. Most states require that principals or other designated supervisors formally evaluate your teaching by sitting in on your classes. Typically, a form such as the one shown before … to collect data. Such forms usually include a question on classroom management. It is clear from the categories of questions included in such a teacher evaluation form that both content expertise and pedagogical expertise will be evaluated.
a. will be being used
b. is used
c. to use
d. have been used
e. had to use

3. The meaning that best expresses this: “The brochure arrived late. As a consequence, students could not join the conference” is….
a. The students could not have joined the conference if the brochure had arrived late
b. The students could have joined the conference if the brochure did not arrive late
c. The students could have joined the conference if the brochure had not arrived late
d. The students could not join the conference if the brochure did not arrive late
e. The students could join the conference if the brochure had not arrived late

4. Listen students. You should start to do the homework as soon as possible. You will have submitted your homework ….
a. This time next week.
b. This coming week.
c. By this time next week.
d. Tomorrow. When I arrive later
e. The day after tomorrow

5. The meaning that best expresses these two sentences: „The car is from Ireland‟ and „The driver is a young man„ is….
a. The car which driver is a young man is from Ireland
b. The car which driver is young man from Ireland
c. The young man is from Ireland which has the car
d. The young man has a car from Ireland
e. The young man from Ireland has the car

6. There are about eleven cycles in the research design, … may be adapted to be specifically used in your prototype product as a model of educational product development.
a. in three cycles which
b. three cycles from which
c. at which three cycles
d. by three cycles which
e. three cycles of which


Join the Jakarta Post’s English (10) … Workshop for Professionals
Writing in English has become an essential everyday task for business executives and (11) …., whether it is sending out e-mails and office memos, or preparing reports.
Unfortunately, examples of poor or ineffective writing are all around. Don‟t let the intimidation factor of writing in English stop you (12) … the important means of communication in today‟s workplace. Learn the skills to develop writing skills and the habit of writing in English with the Jakarta Post‟s special workshop Using Writing for Effective Communication.

Questions 7 to 9, choose one best answer to complete the text.
a. Write
b. Writer
c. Writing
d. Written
e. Wrote
a. other professions
b. other professionals
c. other profession
d. another profession
e. another professional
a. develop
b. developing
c. to develop
d. developed
e. from developing


A guy drives into a ditch, but luckily, a farmer is there to help. He hitches his horse, Buddy, up to the car and yells, “Pull, Nellie, pull!” Buddy doesn’t move. “Pull, Buster, pull!” Buddy doesn’t budge. “Pull, Coco, pull!” Nothing. Then the farmer says, “Pull, Buddy, pull!” And the horse drags the car out of the ditch. Curious, the motorist asks the farmer why he kept calling his horse by the wrong name. “Buddy’s blind,” said the farmer. “And if he thought he was the only one pulling, he wouldn’t even try.”

10. The story is about ….
a. A guy with his car
b. A helper horse
c. A guy and a buddy
d. A clever farmer
e. Smart horses; Coco and Buddy

11. It is implied in the story that ….
a. The farmer has four horses
b. The guy has four horses
c. The farmer only has one horse
d. Buddy is the name of the guy
e. The horse is deaf

12. We learn from the story that ….
a. Never believe to a new guy
b. Being a kind horse for people is a good thing
c. Helping each other based on our ability
d. Being a kind farmer and deaf horse is a precious thing
e. Having a horse is one of farmer‟s dream


Sir Arthur John Evans (1851-1941) was born in Nash Mills, England, and educated at Harrow School, Brasenose College, the University of Oxford, and the University of Göttingen. From 1884 to 1908 he was curator of the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford. His interest in early writing led him to Crete in 1894, where he studied inscriptions on ancient sealstones. A year later he published the results in Cretan Pictographs and Prae-Phoenician Script. During the period 1900-1906 he unearthed in Crete the palace at Knossos (Knosós), a huge edifice that covers more than 2 hectares (5 acres), and he continued excavations there until 1935. The labyrinthine ground plan of the palace suggested to him the legend of Minos, hence his designation of the Cretan civilization as Minoan. Excavations at Knossos also revealed some 3000 clay tablets inscribed in two scripts later known as Linear A and Linear B. In Scripta Minoa (1952) Evans dealt with the problem of decipherment of these scripts and the pictorial.

13. The text tells us about ….
a. the life story of a person named Arthur John Evans
b. a curator of the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford
c. Sir Arthur John Evans interest in early writing
d. Evans„ publication of Cretan Pictographs and Prae-Phoenician Script
e. Evans„ study on inscriptions on ancient sealstones

14. Sir Arthur John Evans went to Crete in 1894 in order to ….
a. complete information about his museum
b. find ancient writing for the museum
c. cater his thirst of historical writing
d. record the Cretan civilization
e. invent two scripts known as linear a and b

15. The word ―unearthed in the passage most nearly means ….
a. found something out of the ground
b. discovered proof after careful searching
c. described a time that is not convenient
d. used something in the past for future uses
e. dug the ground for continued excavations

Chart 1 British Emigration to selected destinations 2004 – 2007


16. The chart shows that the favorite destination of British emigration was….
a. Australia
b. America
c. France
d. Spain
e. USA

17. During the period of 2004-2007, British emigration to New Zealand….
a. changed very slowly
b. turned down steeply
c. went down steadily
d. declined gradually
e. slow down readily

18. It can be inferred from the chart that the British emigration to any destination was….
a. relatively stable
b. sloping up steeply
c. tumbling down continuously
d. sloping down slowly
e. sloping up and down


Homemade herbal cleaning products are mostly composed of just one main substance – the cleaning agent; you are not paying for bulking additives, artificial colors or perfumes. You can choose the type and strength of the scent; fresh herbs or essential oils almost invariably leave a delightfully fresh, clean smell. There is also evidence that links the use of chemical cleaners such as bleach with the development of asthma in both children and adults. Some chemicals can set off allergic reactions or contact dermatitis. And U.S. study discovered that women who held cleaning jobs while pregnant had a higher incidence of birth defects in their children. So, whether you are already committed to a greener way of cleaning or you just want to save money and simplify your life a little, herbal cleaning makes a lot of sense.

19. It is stated in the text that herbs or essential oils….
a. tend to leave a delightful smell
b. certainly provide a clean smell
c. basically set off allergic reactions
d. have lower incident of birth defects
e. offer a greener way of cleaning

20. The word ―bleach‖ in the passage means….
a. an allergic reaction against awful smell
b. a strong chemical used for cleaning things
c. a herbal product for removing color from things
d. a substance for rubbing the surface of something
e. an abrasive substance often for cleaning surfaces

21. The text suggests that herbal cleaning….
a. is environmental friendly, economical, and simple
b. contains the least additives for the environment
c. provides the best scent that we want
d. prevents the development of asthma
e. is composed of merely one main substance


Sticky Teriyaki Chicken Wings

These moreish chicken wings make fabulous party food with a sweet- salty glaze that appeals to most people. Make sure to pass round plenty of serviettes to clean sticky fingers. Alternatively, serve with rice and vegetables for a main meal.

4 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoon dry sherry
12 teaspoon finely grated fresh ginger 1 clove garlic crushed
12 chicken wings
1 tablespoon sesame seeds toasted
2 spring onions thinly sliced on the diagonal

1) Combine the soy sauce, honey, sherry, ginger and garlic in a bowl.
2) Place the chicken wings into a large non-metallic dish.
3) Drizzle the marinade over the chicken and turn to coat evenly.
4) Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours. Preheat a kettle or covered barbecue to 180°C, with the hood closed.
5) Line a large baking tray with baking paper, and lay out the wings in a single layer.
6) Place the baking tray on the hotplate or grill rack over indirect heat and close the hood.
7) Cook for 35 minutes, or until the wings are golden brown. Set the chicken wings aside just until cool enough to handle (to eat with your fingers). Serve them with sesame seeds and spring onions.

22. The following are kitchenware used for preparing teriyaki chicken wings EXCEPT ….
a. a non-metallic dish
b. a covered barbecue
c. sesame seeds
d. hotplate
e. refrigerator

23. According to the text, the chicken wings are ready to serve ….
a. When they look golden brown
b. When they cool enough to handle
c. After being baked for a half hour
d. After being sprinkled with sesame seeds
e. After combining with soy sauce, honey, sherry, ginger and garlic

24. It can be inferred from the text that “marinade” is ….
a. Solid
b. Liquid
c. Sticky
d. Hot
e. Spicy



For those of you in dire need for an exhilarating underwater expedition, West Papua‟s Raja Ampat is most certainly your ideal destination. Comprising over 1500 limestone isles to explore, Raja Ampat, which means “Four Kings” in local language, is exceptionally rich of coastal wonders. These smaller islands surround the four main islands of Salwati, Batanta, Misool, Waigeo, and the Kofiau. Located off the northwest of Bird‟s Head Peninsula, and strategically positioned between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, most of now sea-covered region of Raja Ampat used to be land, which then submerged at the end of last Ice Age. Raja Ampat is accessible by taking a fastboat from Sorong fishery port, escorting you to Wasai, capital city of Raja Ampat, before taking another fast boat or speedboat rides to the smaller islands.
Renowned for its marine biodiversity, as one of the most extensive on the planet, the archipelago is home to more than a thousand types of fish, hundreds of types of coral also mollusks. Therefore, it would be apt to hire a marine biologist as your guide, which will assist you, not only in indulging, but also in learning more on the ecosystem. By dawn, dance with colorful anemone fishes, from parrotfish, surgeonfish, to clownfish, wobbegongs, mantis shrimps, pygmy seahorses, to mantarays in the subterranean paradise, with rays of sun peering through the reef‟s coral caves. Cape Kri, Melissa‟s Garden, Sardines Reef, The Text, Nudibranch Rock, Wai Island Night Dive, to name a few diving sites in the area to visit. Later in the day, unwind and kick back at the thatched-roof patio by the blue lagoon of Jef Pele, where by dusk, sparkles and shimmers with turquoise fluorescent glow.

25. The main purpose of the text above is ….
a. to describe how adventurous Raja Ampat Islands are
b. to persuade prospective tourists to visit Raja Ampat Islands
c. to show the strength and weaknesses of Raja Ampat Islands
d. to remind tourists to be careful when exploring Raja Ampat
e. to inform the tourist to borrow fast boat or speedboat in Raja Ampat

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26. The word exhilarating in the first paragraph most nearly means….
a. making people feel excited and happy
b. causing people to feel scared and anxious
c. challenging tourists to explore new things
d. influencing people to dive and surf
e. persuading people to see the corals

27. It can be inferred from the text that the writer is mainly BOASTING about the Islands‟s
a. location, flora, people‟s tradition, and distance from the mainland
b. underwater expedition, coastal wonders, natural ecosystem, and scenery
c. coastal reef, amazing streams, hunting ground, and traditional buildings
d. number of islands, height of waves, fauna, and rocky mountains
e. amount of beach, area of diving spot, and fishing area

28. It is most likely that the paragraph following the text is about ….
a. an old legend about the origin of the islands
b. a brief introduction about the islands‟ inhabitance
c. disadvantages that tourists obtain from the island
d. history of Raja Ampat
e. information about addresses for tourists to contact


To use the printer by connecting it to a computer, software including the drivers needs to be copied (installed) to the computer’s hard disk. The installation process takes about 20 minutes. (The installation time varies depending on the computer environment or the number of application software to be installed.)

  • Screens are based on Windows Vista Ultimate and Mac OS X v.10.5.x.
  • Do not connect the USB cable yet.
  • Quit all running applications before installation.
  • Log on as the administrator (or a member of the Administrators group).
  • Do not switch users during the installation process.
  • Internet connection may be required during the installation.
  • Connection fees may apply.
  • Consult the internet service provider.

It may be necessary to restart your computer during the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions and do not remove the Setup CD-ROM during restarting. The installation resumes once your computer has restarted.

29. The purpose of installing the software to the computer’s hard disc is to ….
a. make the printer work on the computer
b. make the computer work faster
c. cause the computer compatible with it
d. cause the computer to restart easily
e. connect the computer to the printer

30. In order to install the software to the computer, it is necessary to….
a. become an administrator member
b. connect the computer to the internet
c. switch the users during the installation
d. contact the internet service provider
e. plug and unplug the USB cable

31. It is recommended not to remove the Setup CD-ROM during restarting because ….
a. It may disturb the installation process
b. The installation resumes automatically
c. It is not mentioned in the manual
d. The computer screen might be off
e. The data from the hardware are required


Lerchenfelder Straße

7th district, Lerchenfelder Straße, old Viennese House, central, close to subway U6, station Thaliastraße.Accommodation: all shopping facilities in the Lerchenfelder Straße, inexpensive fruit-, vegetable- and fresh goods stores in 5 minute walking distance.Specials: central, apartments partially with view to the near park, various cozy restaurants and bars of any kind in the neighborhood, very good infrastructure.Parking: short term parking zone from 9am till 10pm; public garage on Schottenfeldgasse which is approx. 5 walking minutes away.Public transport: subway: U6 station Thaliastraße; tram: lines 46, 5; city center is reachable by public transport in 8 minutes.

32. The text informs us about ….
a. a description of Viennese House near the station
b. an inexpensive Town House in the hub of Vienna
c. a house close to apartments with view to the park
d. an offer of a classic residence in the city center
e. an offer of houses with all shopping facilities

33. The text writer is boasting about the property being ….
a. close to a number wonderful infrastructures
b. furnished with a bar and a large garage
c. located in a quiet neighborhood
d. completed with cheap restaurants
e. provided with all types of bars

34. Below are the advantages of the advertised stuff EXCEPT ….
a. relatively vintage
b. good facilities
c. close to park
d. parking area
e. near garage


In the realm of human interaction informatics there are few things as important as an understanding of natural language processing (NLP). After all, data is meaningless without analysis and context. We need to be able to interpret the information for it to be useful.

35. The underlined part for it to be useful in the passage may be best rephrased as….
a. because it is worthwhile
b. as it provides messages
c. to be considered vital
d. to make it functional
e. since it is valuable


The KWL strategy is first taught to students by introducing and explaining the strategy to each of the student groups. The teacher starts off by making three columns on the chalkboard and indicating the three parts by putting a K in the first column, a W in the second column, and an L in the third column. The teacher then selects a topic and the students will describe what they already know about that topic and the teacher will place it in the K column. An example is: given the topic of outer space, the students are to describe orally to the teacher any background information that they may have.

36. The underlined part what they already know in the passage may be best rephrased as….
a. their mastery
b. their performance
c. their understanding
d. their competence
e. their prior knowledge


Assessments as learning activities is a good idea. It can motivate students’ learning, the increase some interactions between students and teacher, and make learning interesting. But, the purpose of doing so isn’t for assessment only, but for the cultivation of literacy. All in all, we just need to keep one thing in mind – (3) assessment as activities should not keep students away from learning – they felt hard then stopped, or classify a group of students with different identities, then higher ranked students will look down upon some lower ranked.

37. The underlined part assessment as activities should not keep students away from learning in the passage may be best rephrased as
a. the importance of assessment is to integrate students with their learning
b. it is vital for assessment practices not to detach students from learning
c. in assessment activities, students should remain involved in their learning
d. incorporating students in learning activities is indeed vital in assessment
e. students should be kept engaged in learning during the assessment process


Customer : Excuse me. I bought this last week and now it‟s stopped. (41)… it‟s very good quality.
Shop : I‟m sorry that‟s rather unusual. They‟re usually very assistant reliable.
Customer : But it‟s not working, so (42)….
Shop : I‟m sorry about that. Can I see your receipt?
Assistant : Here‟s the receipt.
Customer : Thank you, sir. If you can just wait a moment, the Shop manager can see you.
assistant : I want a refund, not the manager.
Shop : I‟m sorry, sir, but (43)… . She is the only one who Customer can give refunds.

38. Choose one best expression…
a. I don‟t think
b. I can‟t think
c. I didn‟t think
d. I have no idea
e. I had no idea

39. Choose one best expression…
a. I like a refund
b. I‟d like a refund.
c. I‟d like to refund
d. I have to refund
e. I must refund

40. Choose one best expression…
a. I must look for a manager
b. I will see a manager
c. I must find the manager
d. I have to get the manager
e. I should go from the manager

A. Materi Kompetensi Pedagogik Capaian

41. Observations by a collaborator during the conduct of classroom action research are mainly focused on….
a. both the teachers teaching and more importantly students, learning behavior
b. detailed descriptions of class progress from minute to minute
c. class atmosphere during the implementation of the strategy
d. student-student and teacher-student class interactions
e. collection of data to provide evidence of change

42. The problem in Mr. Andi’s class is the students tend to compete excessively in reading class. They don’t have much experience in working together in task groups. She believes that they need to have more opportunities to work together to change as their attitudes in competing leads to an unhealthy class atmosphere. To solve the problem, she designs an innovative instructional strategy through classroom action research. The steps of which will need to have the elements of…
b. SQ3R
c. Jigsaw
d. mind and mapping
e. click and clunk

43. Based on the indicator that follows: ―Given three brief paragraphs of different themes on which every second half of every 2nd word is mutilated, students fill in the blank spaces in the mutilated words of the paragraphs correctly, the most appropriate scoring scheme relevant to the assessment procedure is….
a. scoring with a penalty
b. dichotomous scoring
c. primary-trait scoring
d. polychromous scoring
e. weighted scoring

44. What follows are NOT among the principles of assessment:
a. Valid, objective, accountable, meaningful, and comprehensive
b. Accountable, meaningful, systematic, fair, and criterion-based
c. Objective, accountable, systematic, fair, and meaningful
d. Ongoing, integrated, systematic, fair, and accountable
e. Judgmental, valid, objective, fair, and accountable

45. A student was texting Ms. Cruella as follows: “Excuse me, Mam. When can you meet me to discuss my report? I have a question to ask. Thank you”
How should Ms. Cruella have responded to her student by texting back not to make her embarrassed?
a. “What about tomorrow? But, should I see you or should you see me?”
b. “Who do you think you are? I am your teacher. You must see me.”
c. “Is your language polite enough, Sandra? Check your English.”
d. “Sandra, be polite please, can‟t you? Should I meet you?”
e. “You are really not polite, Sandra. Keep your manner.”

46. Learning a new topic can be challenging for students. To motivate them to learn with enthusiasm, a teacher may use empathetic communication strategy by….
a. telling the class that all beginning is difficult
b. informing the class to always be motivated
c. reminding the importance of learning English
d. explaining the disadvantage of not learning the topic
e. stating that the topic is interesting and they will like it

47. To cater for the learning style of his students who are field independent, when teaching reading, Mr. Hanafi will require his students to ……
a. follow in depth ideas in each paragraph
b. identify the main points of passages
c. imply the meaning in passages
d. retell details of all paragraphs
e. seek for specific information

48. Mrs. Nastiti is about to activate students‟ formal schemata of lexical items used in a report text. For the purpose, she can involve her students…
a. to identify words in jumbled letters
b. to label pictures with appropriate words
c. to guess word meanings from the context
d. to find the meaning of words in dictionary
e. to find the synonym or the antonym of words

49. A teacher who wants to have distance learning involving not only spoken but also pictographic images which enable them to have face-to face idea exchanges can most appropriately utilize….
a. skype
b. short message services
c. multimedia language laboratory
d. teleconference
e. Google messenger

50. Rina is solitary type of a student. The most suitable learning source for the teacher to facilitate Rina in reading comprehension would be….
a. pictured workbooks
b. E-learning modules
c. reading passages
d. audio recordings
e. worksheet

51. The presentation phase of a lesson plan can take a variety of forms. The following are suggestions on how to present new materials to class EXCEPT ….
a. teacher centered explanation
b. student presentation
c. reading selection
d. listening selection
e. guided exercises

52. The closure step of a lesson plan is a chance to determine whether the students need additional practice or to go over the lesson again. The following are examples of closure in an effective lesson plan EXCEPT ….
a. summarizing the characteristics of the lesson
b. discussing new things that the students learned about the lesson
c. giving them a couple of minutes to read or present the lesson to the class
d. asking what information from the lesson the students will find important
e. asking the students to summarize the lesson for students missing the class

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53. A well-developed lesson plan should be completed with assignments to guide the instructor’s choice of assessment measures by providing information about student and class comprehension of the material. The following are among the questions to consider EXCEPT ….
a. What level of learning do the students need to attain?
b. How does the lesson plan fit particular instructional principles?
c. What is the amount of time the instructor wants the students to use?
d. How does the assignment fit with the rest of the lesson plan?
e. What is the purpose of the assignment?

54. Free practice designed for an effective lesson plan integrates the focus structure /vocabulary/functional language into students’ overall language use. It often encourages students to use the target language structures in the following EXCEPT ….
a. games and puzzles
b. small group discussions
c. quizzes and formative tests
d. written work (paragraphs and essays)
e. longer listening comprehension practice

55. When assigning the learners in the closure section of the lesson plan, remember that students need to be able to perform their skills on their own. So, keep the following things in mind EXCEPT ….
a. make a clear connection between the lesson and the homework
b. make sure to assign the homework directly after the lesson
c. clearly explain the assignment to be given to the learners
d. ask the model students to share their tasks to their classmates
e. make sure to check for students understating before sending them off

56. The presentation/development step of a lesson plan should involve activities on the part of the students. It should be carried out by keeping in mind the following principles EXCEPT…
a. principle of selection
b. principle of division
c. principle of absorption
d. principle of categorization
e. principle of successive sequence

57. When putting syllabuses together, an EFL curriculum designer has to consider each item for inclusion in the syllabuses on the basis of the following criteria EXCEPT….
a. Learnability
b. Usefulness
c. Frequency
d. Coverage
e. Grading

58. Applying the humanistic approach, the teacher should encourage supportive atmosphere in the classroom by means of the following acts EXCEPT ….
a. listening to the students
b. encouraging them to share their feelings
c. accepting their comments without judgment
d. fixing the aims for the course or for one lesson
e. obliging students to do what they plan to do that day

59. Among the areas where our behavior can directly influence our students‟ motivation to continue participation in EFL classes is determining short-term goals which include the following EXCEPT….
a. the successful writing of an essay
b. the ability to partake in a discussion
c. the possibility of a better job in the future
d. the learning of a small amount of new language
e. the passing of the progress test at the end of the week

60. As the counterbalance to linguistic competence, formulaic competence refers to chunks of language that speakers use heavily in everyday interactions. It includes the following EXCEPT ….
a. idioms
b. routines
c. turn-taking
d. collocations
e. lexical frames

Soal Latihan Reading

61. The best arrangement of these sentences to make a logical paragraph is…

1. Other small training institutes also provide education to enhance the skill level in particular fields.
2. Education plays a paramount role in the modern technological world.
3. Education is not so costly anymore; anyone one with less money may study continuously.
4. Furthermore, the whole criteria of education have been changed now.
5. We can get admission in the big and popular universities with fewer fees through the distance learning.
6. We can study through the distance learning programmers after the 12th standard together with the job.
7. Now-a-days, there are many ways to enhance the education level.

a. 6 – 7 – 4 – 3 – 1 – 5 – 2
b. 2 – 6 – 7 – 4 – 3 – 5 – 1
c. 2 – 7 – 4 – 6 – 3 – 5 – 1
d. 1 – 6 – 4 – 7 – 2 – 3 – 5
e. 3 – 5 – 7 – 4 – 6 – 2 – 1

62. The best option that best completes the dialog below is….
Person 1: Would you have time to listen to my story?
Person 2: ….
a. Your story is very interesting to listen to
b. I’d like to have your story, my friend
c. Sure, but please don’t beat about the bush
d. I don’t know how you have your story
e. Sure, but please have time to tell your story

63. The use of task-based language teaching is good to challenge students to answer which of the following questions?
a. When
b. How
c. What
d. Where
e. Why

64. Which of the following is the most appropriate sentence containing a noun phrase construction?
a. Some people continue to work after retirement so the retiring number is increasing.
b. Lots of rubbish lies on the riverbed it is dangerous to wildlife.
c. These highly educated and well qualified young people cannot find well-paid work offering medical insurance and other basic benefits.
d. An article is going to be published tomorrow where the article reveals a political scandal.
e. Ships transport goods around the world and these ships are responsible for a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.

65. Which of the following is NOT true about the principles of the Direct Method?
a. Everyday vocabulary and sentences are taught.
b. Grammar is carefully taught deductively.
c. Speaking and listening are taught.
d. New teaching points are introduced orally.
e. Correct pronunciation and grammar are emphasized.

66. Which of the following statements is true about classroom action research?
a. Classroom action research can be undertaken collaboratively.
b. The cycle must be done more than one to assure the comprehensiveness of findings.
c. The criteria of success can be set up when analyzing the data.
d. Classroom action research aims at exploring the effectiveness of a strategy in teaching.
e. The teacher does not need to follow all stages in classroom action research.

67. To develop a multiple choice test for grammar, as a teacher you have to….
a. conduct the tryout
b. make a blueprint
c. validate the test items
d. do a preliminary observation
e. construct the items

68. Based on his observation, Mr. Nababan found out that his class was bad in writing. He then planned to conduct classroom action research by implementing genre-based approach in teaching writing. He applied the strategy by following the steps in which of the following?

69. The best arrangement of the following jumbled sentences to make up a logical paragraph is….
1) Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second, and it still takes light more than four years to travel from Proxima Centauri to the Earth.
2) A person traveling in a modern spacecraft would not arrive at Proxima Centauri within this lifetime or the next, or even ten lifetimes because the distance is so great.
3) Interstellar distances are so large that they are almost impossible to imagine.
4) Even though Proxima Centauri is the closest star to the Earth outside of our solar system, it is not really close.

a. (2) – (4) – (1) – (3)
b. (3) – (4) – (1) – (2)
c. (1) – (2) – (3) – (4)
d. (2) – (3) – (4) – (1)
e. (4) – (3) – (2) – (1)

70. Read the passage below.
Power distance defines how social inequality is perceived and accepted in different cultures. Hofstede (1997) explains how in high power distance cultures children are raised with a great emphasis on respecting elders, which is carried through to adulthood. Therefore organizations are more centralized, employees prefer a more autocratic leadership style where subordinates are expected to be told what to do and there are wide wage gaps in the hierarchical structure. On the other hand, in low power distance cultures inequality is not desired, with regards to decision making and thus prefer a more resourceful and democratic leader.
The blank space in the passage can be best filled with the clause.…
a. employees need to selected
b. employees prefer to be consulted
c. employers are given authority
d. employers distribute power
e. leaders prefer to be respected



The graph shows that the number of boys attending the convention equals to ….
a. 356
b. 358
c. 51%
d. 716
e. 49%

72. Which of the following sentences contain the correct use of a relative pronoun?
a. The car whose I was driving needs wheel alignment
b. Jack, that is my friend, is a good boy.
c. He lent me a mattress on that I slept soundly
d. The house whom I purchased from was haunted.
e. Spaghetti, which many of us enjoy, can be messy

73. Read the text.

Red, White, and Green Grilled Cheese

What you need:

1 tsp garlic, minced (about ½ clove) 1 small onion, minced (about ½ cup), 2 C frozen cut spinach, thawed and drained (or substitute 2 bags (10 oz each) fresh leaf spinach, rinsed), ¼ tsp ground black pepper, 8 slices whole-wheat bread, 1 medium tomato, rinsed, cut into 4 slices, 1 C shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese, and Nonstick cooking spray.

How to do:

1. Preheat oven to 400 ºF. Place a large baking sheet in the oven to preheat for about 10 minutes.
2. Heat garlic with cooking spray in a medium sauté pan over medium heat. Cook until soft, but not browned. Add onions, and continue to cook until the onions are soft, but not browned.
3. Add spinach, and toss gently. Cook until the spinach is heated throughout. Season with pepper, and set aside to cool.
4. When the spinach and onions are cool, assemble each sandwich with one slice of bread on the bottom, one tomato slice, ½ cup of spinach mixture, ¼ cup of cheese, and a second slice of bread on the top.
5. Spray the preheated nonstick baking sheet with cooking spray. Place the sandwiches on the baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes, or until the bottom of each sandwich is browned.
6. Carefully flip sandwiches, and bake for an additional 5 minutes, or until both sides are browned. Serve immediately.

The word “browned” mentioned in the passage refers to the following cooking verb.…
a. (pre) heat, cook, and bake
b. assemble, heat, and mix
c. bake, flip, and slice
d. cook, bake and spray
e. (pre) heat, add, and place

74. Read the passage below.
The first colonists did not, as many people imagine, find an entire continent covered by a climax forest. Even along the Atlantic seaboard, the forest was broken at many points. Nevertheless, all sorts of fine trees abounded, and through the early colonial period, those who pushed westward encountered new forests. By the end of the colonial era, the price of wood had risen slightly in eastern cities, but wood was still extremely abundant.
The availability of wood brought advantages that have seldom been appreciated. Wood was a foundation of the economy. Houses and all manner of buildings were made of wood to a degree unknown in Britain. Secondly, wood was used as fuel for heating and cooking. Thirdly, it was used as the source of important industrial compounds, such as potash, an industrial alkali; charcoal, a component of gunpowder; and tannic acid, used for tanning leather.
What can be said about the use of wood for the colonies?
a. The colonies used wood for important industrial components.
b. The colonies used wood for cooking and heating.
c. The colonies sold wood for source of income.
d. The colonies used wood for creating gun powder.
e. The colonies used wood for the foundation of economy.

75. Read the text.
It was in late November. The weather had changed overnight, when a backing wind brought a granite sky and a mizzling rain with it, and although it was now only a little after two o’clock in the afternoon the pallor of a winter evening seemed to have closed upon the hills, cloaking them in mist. It would be dark by four. The air was clammy cold, and for all the tightly closed windows it penetrated the interior of the coach.
Which option best completes the blank space in the passage?
a. a cold grey day
b. a small parade day
c. one warmer night
d. a snowy night
e. an interesting one

76. A teacher should know how extrovert students learn in the classroom. The following activities can make them more comfortable in learning EXCEPT.…
a. working on worksheet independently
b. presenting materials in front of the class
c. answering questions verbally
d. solving problems with others
e. discussing a topic in groups

77. Which of the following is the most appropriate sentence containing a passive construction?
a. Mistakes were made said by most politicians.
b. The rat was supposed to be placed into a T-shaped maze.
c. I have a feeling that a secret may be it is kept.
d. The president was to be sworn in on a cold January morning.
e. Your bicycle would have kept here if you had left it with me.

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78. Read the text.

Erosion of America’s farmland by wind and water has been a problem since settlers first put the prairies and grasslands under the plow in the nineteenth century. By the 1930s, more than 282 million acres of farmland were damaged by erosion. After 40 years of conservation efforts, soil erosion has accelerated due to new demands placed on the land by heavy crop production. In the years ahead, soil erosion and the pollution problems it causes are likely to replace petroleum scarcity as the nation’s most critical natural resource problem.
From the passage we understand that soil erosion in America….
a. is worse in areas which have a lot of petroleum production
b. happens so slowly that it is hardly noticed
c. is worse than it was in the nineteenth century
d. causes humans to place new demands on the land
e. is the most critical problem that the nation faces

79. Read the text.

Jacob hated finishing things almost as much as he loved starting them. As a result, he had gotten into a million hobbies and activities, but he never stuck with any of them long enough to get any good. He begged his mother for months for a guitar so that he could play Black Eyed Peas songs to Angie, a girl he liked, but after he finally got one for Christmas, he found out that guitars do not play themselves. He took a few lessons, but strumming the strings hurt his fingers and he did not like holding the pick, so now the five-hundred dollar guitar lives under his bed.
After reading an ad in the back of one of his comic books, Jacob decided that he wanted a Wonder-Sweeper 5000 metal detector, so that he could find buried pirate treasure. So he mowed lawns all summer and did not spend his money on ice-cream like his younger brother, Alex. He saved it all in a shoe box in his closet. Then he shoveled driveways all winter, and he did not spend his money on candy and chips like his classmates. By the time spring came, he had saved $200, and he purchased the Wonder-Sweeper 5000 metal detector. He beeped it around the park for a while, be he soon found out that no pirates had ever set sail in his neighborhood, and if they had they did not leave any treasure. Even though he found a key ring, forty-seven cents, and all the bottle caps he could throw, he buried the metal detector in his closest.

It is concluded from the passage that Jacob ….
a. collected many expensive items
b. liked to do useless activities
c. was a lazy and impatient person
d. made his mother disappointed
e. could easily afford what he wanted

80. Read the passage.

Two 12-year-old girls are standing outside a mini-mart. They are wearing matching tube tops and short skirts like Britney Spears clones. One holds a cigarette, like an adult, where everyone can see her. She looks around to make sure other girls are noticing her. When asked why she dresses the way she does, she says that she likes it. _ it seems that the reason for her behavior is more complex. More specifically, it has more to do with her ambiguous role as a pre-teen in society. A young girl’s wanna-be look is caused by personal insecurity and peer pressure.

The connector that best completes the blank space in the passage above is….
a. Therefore,
b. However,
c. Because
d. Meanwhile,
e. For example,

81. Read the passage below.

For centuries, people have searched for a way to replace dead and decaying teeth with comfortable false teeth. Many materials have been used to make a set of false teeth. The teeth themselves should be made from a hard and durable material. They should be secured to a soft material, making them easy to wear. In the last two decades, dentists succeeded in making durable false teeth that are comfortable, too.
Around 1844, an American dentist named Horace Wells used laughing gas to put people to sleep before working on their teeth. This innovation made dental work a lot less painful. Soon after, an inventor created the first form of rubber. This was important to dentistry because teeth could be attached to the rubber, and the rubber could be to fit the shape of the mouth. With these two developments, dentist could work without causing pain and could fit teeth more carefully. False teeth have become more available and comfortable since then, and dentists have continued to improve the making and use of false teeth.

What is the main idea of the passage above?
a. Horace Wells was known as the inventor of false teeth.
b. Important dentistry become supported with the false teeth technology.
c. Successful dentists were pioneering in the making of false teeth.
d. False teeth were successfully innovated by dentists.
e. Gold and bones were materials used in false teeth in the old time.

82. Read the passage below.

When we were children, Hassan and I used to climb the poplar trees in the driveway of the father’s house and annoy the neighbors by reflecting sunlight into their homes with a shard of mirror. We would sit across from each other _, our naked feet dangling, our trouser pockets filled with dried mulberries and walnuts. We took turns with the mirror as we ate mulberries, pelted each other with them, giggling, laughing. I can still see Hassan up on that tree, sunlight flickering through the leaves on his almost perfectly round face, a face like a Chinese doll chiseled from hardwood: his flat, broad nose and slanting, narrow eyes like bamboo leaves, eyes that looked, depending on the light, gold, green, even sapphire. I can still see his tiny low-set ears and that pointed stub of a chin, a meaty appendage that looked like it was added as a mere afterthought. And the cleft lip, just off mid-line, where the Chinese doll maker‟s instrument may have slipped, or .

Which option best completes the second blank space in the passage?
a. perhaps he had simply grown tired and carelessly
b. perhaps he had simply gone tired and become careless
c. perhaps he had simply grown tiredly and carelessly
d. perhaps he had simply become tiring and careless
e. perhaps he had simply grown tired and careless

83. Utilizing strategies to motivate students’ learning is among key factors in making students successful in learning English because it may.…
a. help students set their own achievable learning objectives
b. make the students enthusiastic about the teacher in learning
c. create a pleasant, relaxed and enjoyable learning environment
d. make students active participants in completing language tasks
e. use achievable and relevant learning materials helpful for students

84. Mr. Dika is aware that his students consistently make grammatical errors in his grammar class. He then designs to conduct classroom action research by applying which of the following strategies?
a. Communicative language teaching.
b. Inductive method.
c. Contrastive analysis.
d. Mind-mapping.
e. Error analysis.

85. What is the teacher’s empathetic communication strategy when he/she knows that his/her student answers the question wrongly?
a. Tell him/her to pay attention to the material more seriously.
b. Ask her classmate to help him/her respond to the question.
c. Instruct him/her to read the learning material for the second time.
d. Ask him/her to do it at home as homework.
e. Repeat the question to help him/her answer the question correctly.

86. Elements of competences in English speaking include….
a. Dramatizing an event, performing transactional monologs, and describing a situations
b. Narrating past events, describing things, and responding to implied meanings
c. Performing interpersonal and transactional dialogs and transactional monologs
d. Reporting events, describing places, and performing various interpersonal dialogs
e. Simulating transactional and interpersonal dialogs and describing objects

87. What follows are important for teachers to consider in making students learn English effectively EXCEPT…
a. the rich sources for their learning and acquiring English
b. their affective states during learning processes
c. their use of knowledge of their mother tongue
d. their existing language input
e. their level of curiosity in learning English

88. The followings are what a teacher should do when one of his students does not understand the question EXCEPT…
a. ask another student to help him/her find the answer
b. simplify the word and structure of the question
c. write the question on the black/whiteboard
d. repeat the question to help him understand it E .
e. explain the topic again and again

89. To design a good lesson plan, a teacher should develop among other things these elements EXCEPT….
a. indicators of competence achievement, materials, and media
b. instructional materials, teaching steps, and test item indicators
c. basic competences, learning objectives, and learning methods
d. assessment procedures, learning resources, and media
e. grading the materials, learning strategies, and scoring

90. In doing action research, the researcher should understand the stages as suggested in which of the following?
a. Preliminary study, planning, acting, implementing, observing, and reflecting.
b. Preliminary study, planning, doing, acting, observing, and reflecting.
c. Preliminary study, planning, acting and implementing, seeing, and reflecting.
d. Preliminary study, planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting.
e. Preliminary study, planning, doing, observing, seeing, and reflecting.

91. Ivan is an outstanding student who gets an award / prize. This makes him more diligent to learn. The teacher prioritizes students-centered learning. She presented the materials in the form of small units so that students only need to provide a specific response. She gave feedback to the students’ work or response so that students immediately know the results. The teacher’s steps in teaching are based on the following theory:
a. Behaviorism
b. Constructivism
c. Humanism
d. Gestalt

92. What is not included in the pedagogic competence for teachers is…
a. pay attention to cognitive development, utilize personality principles, identify potential students
b. apply learning theory, determine learning strategies
c. Understand teaching materials in the curriculum, material, and other scientific concepts
d. Design and carry out evaluations, analyze evaluation results, utilize assessment results to improve learning programs

93. This theory views learning as a result of the formation of a relationship between external stimuli (stimulus) and the response of students (response) that can be observed. The more frequent the relationship (bond) between stimuli and replies occur, the stronger the relationship between them (law of exercise). The learning theory in question is …
a. Behaviorism
b. Humanism
c. Cybernetics
d. Constructivism

94. According to this theory, the role of the teacher in learning is as a facilitator, motivator, and provides awareness about the meaning of life in students. This learning theory seeks to understand learning behavior from the point of view of the culprit not from the viewer’s point of view. This learning theory is…
a. Humanistic
b. Constructivism
c. Cognitivism
d. Nativism

95. Before starting the teaching and learning process in the classroom, Mrs. Lily asked students to observe a phenomenon first. Then students are asked to record the problems that arise. After that, students are stimulated to think critically in solving existing problems. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lily directed students to ask questions, prove assumptions, and listen to opinions that were different from them.
The activities carried out by Mrs. Lily signaled the implementation of the learning model
a. Inquiry learning
b. Problem based learning
c. Project based learning
d. Discovery learning

96. One of the teacher’s efforts in implementing learning improvement measures that have been designed through Classroom Action Research, among others is…
a. the teacher believes there is a problem in learning that requires improvement
b. the teacher reevaluates the design, overcomes existing weaknesses
c. the teacher designed the training effort to work on the questions to prepare for the National Examination
d. The teacher introspects the weaknesses of the teacher aspect

97. Which of the following strategies can assist a visual learner?
a. using song
b. using radio news broadcast
c. using role play
d. using power point presentation

98. Which of the following strategies implement constructivism learning theory?
a. teacher uses lecturing method to deliver the material
b. teacher uses textbook most of the time
c. students are required to do the homework in worksheet everyday
d. teacher offers variety of sources to the students to search for information

99. Mr. Andi and his students plan a collaborative activity so that students feel are responsible for the activities that have been planned together. In the planning it was discussed about the rules of the game, supporting activities, tools and materials that can be accessed, ways and steps of work to complete the plan for collaborative activities.
The learning management model practiced by Mr. Andi reflects the principle of the model…
a. Problem solving learning
b. Problem based learning
c. Project based learning
d. Discovery learning

100. When a teacher teaches using the following procedures:
1) Student orientation to problems
2) Organizing students in learning
3) Guiding student investigations independently or in groups
4) Developing and presenting the work
5) Analyzing and evaluating the problem solving process

These learning phases are a model of…
a. Discovery Learning
b. Project Based Learning
c. Problem solving learning
d. Inquiry Based Learning

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